For over 35 years, Marc Swersky has collaborated with some of the top artists, writers, & musicians in the music business. As a Songwriter/Producer his albums have sold in excess of 50 million copies. Over the past 5 years Swersky has developed three artists who have landed finalist/runner up spots on NBC’s The Voice. His songs have been featured in the recent blockbusters Creed, Get Hard, Barbershop 3: The Next Cut and shows such as Showtime’s Shameless. He is a two time Grammy Award Winner, featured on: The Bodyguard Soundtrack for the song “Trust In Me,” sung by Joe Cocker and Thanks And Giving All Year Long (Executive Producer, Marlo Thomas) for the song “I’ll Give Anything But Up,” sung by Hilary Duff and is a co-publisher on much of his catalog with EMI Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. His songwriting and production repertoire encompasses a range of genres, including pop, rock, indie, soul and americana. Swersky continues to push the boundaries of art with exuberance and passion while maintaining utmost dedication to his team and the artists he supports.

In 2014 Swersky launched Monocentric Music, a full service Entertainment + Production Company. Monocentric — defined as having one singular center, is an artist centered company with major focus on artistry & development, a specialty of Swersky’s. With the changing landscape of the music business, where artists are able to hold onto less and less control of their careers, Swersky felt it necessary to offer a model which serves the needs of the artist as a whole. Working with Swersky and the team at Monocentric means more than music. The business approach places high value on the human spirit of each artist developed. What you get most with Swersky is time.

“Taking time (months or sometimes years) to develop an artist is really a lost art. I strive to bring back the old school approach to artist development. Most young artists want instant gratification. What they don’t always realize is that sometimes their impatience will ultimately be their downfall in this industry. Securing a lasting career takes time, commitment, hard work and focus”-Marc Swersky

“Marc Swersky and I have been collaborators and great friends for decades, having co-written songs for a wide range successful artists from Joe Cocker, for whom I produced two albums, to Hilary Duff, for whom we co-wrote and co-produced numerous songs for albums that went on to be great successes. Marc’s inspired songwriting and production talent is always at the highest level as is his attention to the details of what makes a product great. Together we wrote “Trust in Me,” for Joe Cocker, which not only appeared on Joe’s “Unchain My Heart,” album but also appeared as a duet with Sass Jordan on the “Bodyguard,” soundtrack album, an album that went on to win a Grammy and rank as the 14th best-selling album in the Pop Era. I continue to be inspired by Marc’s passion for the projects he takes on and am grateful for our long-time creative partnership and friendship.”- Charlie Midnight (James Brown, Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell)

“As a mixing engineer for the past 45 years I have a lot of opportunities to compare the work of different producers. There are a few who come in with a concise production, a specific goal in mind for what the song is trying to say and the well recorded tracks that help get us to that end result. Marc is definitely in that club. I would highly recommend his work to anyone.”-Mark Needham/CEO MAN Entertainment

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Marc and getting to work with him on a project that he was producing (Gedeon Luke and The People). I was aware of Marc as a producer and songwriter but we had not worked together up until then . Marc is a great guy and a great producer!!! and the record we worked on together was a true joy to be involved in. Marc is also a great bass player but was very open with me in regards to the bass parts .Allowing me to interpret the songs without micro managing every note. Well, all I can say is that this record is one that I will never forget. Raw soul music ,great vocals, great vibe, great fun and hopefully the first of many we work on together”!!!!!- Jack Daley(Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul)

“It was such a pleasure to write with and work with Marc Swersky, he is a creative genius, that really allowed me to push my creative ideas, further than I could of before. He works with you on all aspects of the recording process, and you are really heard, and encouraged. Marc is a force of impeccable talent, and I look forward to our next project!”- Christine Martucci (Indie artist)

“My time working with Marc Swersky was pretty exceptional! As an artist who works on a lot of collaborations you sometimes come across those special moments and special people were everything feels effortless Marc is one of those people who put you at ease and brings the best out of you. Marc’s work ethic is hardcore & he pushes you, but never in a way that is offensive or too much! The writing and production came out top notch. Would for sure work on another Project with Marc.”- Kuf Knotz (Indie artist)

“I first met Marc Swersky in September 2014 when I joined his Music Mentorship program and my life was changed forever. In that very first session we began our collaboration on the song “Moments” and my interaction with Marc in both the mentorship and songwriting spheres was so positive and inspiring that I made a decision that very day to dedicate myself to a full time career in music. Marc took an interest in my entire music career and he kindly referred me to the vocal coach that he worked with, so that I could uplevel my vocalist skills while continuing to work with Marc as my mentor and cowriter. In May 2015, Marc brought me into the studio at Shorefire, Long Branch NJ to work for the first time with him and his partner Joseph DeMaio on recording my songs. From the moment I started working with Marc in the studio, I knew that I was in the best possible hands. He was gentle but firm in encouraging me to do my best and he also surrounded me with the perfect fit of the very best musicians available to bring the songs to life. Every session at the studio was more amazing than the last because of Marc’s vision, his talent, his patience and his outstanding collaboration skills. My husband – who is a scientist – came in for one full day session and he was also blown away by how Marc could take my simple songs and – without interfering with the original message and feel of the song – build this beautiful sonic landscape around them – one brush stroke at a time – so that none of us except Marc knew what the final song would sound like but we all trusted him – song after song – and every single song became a work of art. I could not be more happy with my experience with Marc – through releasing my EP (2016, full CD (2017) and a Christmas single with him – and in our mentoring, cowriting, arranging, production and performance relationships. Marc Swersky is a unique individual – a super talented, kind, firm, supportive, generous, genius visionary and I cannot wait to work with him again!- Helen O’Shea (Indie artist)

“Marc Swersky has been a consistent creative point in my life for over a decade. He brings me fully developed talent with strong songs and recordings. We have worked together to develop and execute projects from scratch as well. He’s an experienced adult who listens to my needs and delivers beyond my expectations.” – Jason Jordan, MD ONErpm North America

“Marc is a natural songwriter and producer with impeccable melodic sensibility. He has an uncanny ability to find what is and isn’t working in a song and knows exactly how to make it better. His passion and commitment to music is palpable. You simply can’t ask for a better collaborator when it comes to solving a creative challenge.” –Dave Derby/Gramercy Arms

“Working with Marc is amazing. From day one he has helped me grow and develop my sound and style as an artist! He’s a God sent and I would recommend anybody to work with him.”- DR King (The Voice Top 12 finalist)

“I have been a professional recording and performing artist for over 40 years, and must say what a rare pleasure it is to work with Marc Swersky. His production skills, knowledge and ability as a musician himself, always encourage the best out of everyone involved. He brings so much to the table, it is constantly a joy to participate.”I’m looking forward to the next sessions!- Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Ian Hunter)

“Working with Marc has been one of the highlights of my career and his roster speaks for itself. He knows what he wants but, he lets the sidemen come up with their own ideas. He believes in each musician’s personal identity to transform the artist’s/producer’s vision into magic. Always a great atmosphere and I wish I could record with him every day.” – Daniel Sadownick (Taylor Swift, Maxwell, Meshell Ndegeocello)

“It wouldn’t be an unfair or untrue statement to say that working with Marc Swersky evolved me into an artist that I otherwise wouldn’t have become. I first started working with him a few months ago on a song I had written, as well as some that were still being written. He had a way of directing me vocally, musically, and structurally that took my confidence, songs, and voice to a completely different level. The songs that we created surprised me in the best possible way, I didn’t know that I could sound like a fully fledged artist until working with Marc. The sound of a song is important, but even more important is the discovery of myself as an artist; the discovery of the writing/recording process. I had never performed with a live band until working with Marc, I had never reached the vocal abilities I’d been so desperately trying to achieve until our last recording session together. All of the progress has stayed with me, and I’ve only improved since then. Marc is absolutely undeniably a part of my success as a musician, and an artist. I have worked with many producers before, Marc is either much more than a producer, or an exceptional producer. In my experience he is a crafter, just as I write songs, he “writes” artists. He takes artists who may be at a plateau and crafts/directs them into the vision they’ve had in mind all along. He does this without being controlling; always giving the artist space to genuinely try, all while allowing mistakes to simply be learning opportunities. He is the producer I wish to always record with. Through my experience with him, I not only consider him a mentor, but a friend. Anyone who pursues art, truth, and progress would benefit in transcendental ways working with Marc. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”- Trevor Drury (Indie artist)